Protect your Data with our Managed Backup Solution.

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Protect Your Data


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99.95% Uptime

99.95% Network and
Power Uptime

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Safe and Secure

World Class Datacenters
Secure Facility

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Package Storage Price
backupManaged Backup 1 25 GB $30.00 Monthly
backupManaged Backup 2 50 GB $40.00 Monthly
backupManaged Backup 3 100 GB $55.00 Monthly
backupManaged Backup 4 250 GB $80.00 Monthly
backupManaged Backup 5 500 GB $110.00 Monthly
backupManaged Backup 6 1000 GB $145.00 Monthly

All Prices are in CAD Dollars


Server Storage License(s) Price
backupBackup Server 1TB 2x 1TB Raid1 Software 1 $150.00 Monthly
backupBackup Server 2TB 2x 2TB Raid1 Software 2 $180.00 Monthly
backupBackup Server 3TB 2x 3TB Raid1 Software 5 $250.00 Monthly
backupBackup Server 4TB 2x 4TB Raid1 Software 10 $350.00 Monthly

Extra License: $20.00 Monthly
All Prices are in CAD Dollars


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Backup and Restore

Restore a file, a directory or a complete server.

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Multiple Restore Points

Restore your data to a specific date.

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Operatinsg Systems Supported

Support many Linux distributions and Windows operating system.

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Schedule Your backup

Choose the best time you want run the backup on your server.

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Incremental Backups

Only data that has changed will be backup.

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Single or Multiple Servers

Only one Backup Server can handle the backup of many servers.

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