How to install cPanel/WHM

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In this tutorial, we will explain you how to install cPanel/WHM on your CentOS Server
A fresh and clean CentOS installation is needed with nothing else installed on the server.

Log your server by SSH

ssh root@your_server_ip


Install some basic packages

yum install wget screen -y


On CentOS7, remove “NetworkManager” package

yum remove NetworkManager -y


Start your installation of cPanel/WHM in “Screen”

Using the screen session allow you to disconnect
from the server and the process will continue to run.

To exit from a “screen” just type: CTRL +ad.
To return back in this “screen” just type: screen -x

cd /home
sh latesh


When completed, you can log your WHM interface with your root password.



If you have a firewall running on your server, make sure the ports 2087,2083 are allowed.
Those 2 ports are used to connect the WHM and cPanel interface.


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